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  1. iamjack'sfantasybaseballteam says:

    ah, so good to see you watching and raving about a great show within the same year in which it airs — Hannibal is sofa-king great it’s sick. I went so far last week as to say, “when the show runs it’s course, I want this cast to do a remake/reboot of “Silence of the Lambs. It’s that good.” And I loathe remakes/reboots. I only hope the show keeps getting renewed and that the show runners realize it should be three or four seasons and out. OR they should jump in time to the post-Silence era and cast a Starling. That’d be cool.

  2. RotoScoop says:

    I thought for sure they’d screw Hannibal up. I’m shocked it’s so good. And Mads Mikkelsen is soo, soo good. The last episode got better ratings (for a Friday night slot at least), but I worry if it will get renewed for another season. But I agree 3/4 seasons max.

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