Bet on It

By Dalton Del Don

Last week I went 6-7, with the Saints loss especially excruciating. I’m now 56-59-1 on the year. I also lost my best bet, bringing my record there to 4-3-1. The good news is for the first time in a long time, I actually like my picks this week, but it obviously remains to be seen whether that matters.

Redskins +10 at FALCONS

CARDINALS +3 at Bears

RAVENS -3 at Bengals

TEXANS +9 at Colts

CHIEFS +6.5 at Jaguars

PACKERS +10 at Buccaneers

Dolphins +10.5 at PATRIOTS

PANTHERS +13.5 at Saints

Lions +10 at SEAHAWKS

CHARGERS +4.5 at Giants

Titans +4 at 49ers (Best Bet)

Cowboys +3 at EAGLES

Steelers -3 at BRONCOS

Comments: I’m not in love with the idea of backing four more double-digit favorites this week, but for the first time since maybe Week 1, I actually feel confident with my picks. Of course, that doesn’t mean anything, but it’s at least better than the alternative – agonizing over every single game. I especially like the Chiefs, Packers and Broncos, with the 49ers as my best bet. The four-point line essentially says Vegas views San Francisco as just one point better than Tennessee? The 49ers actually haven’t won since Week 4, but their league-best run defense matches up pretty well against the Titans. Back SF.

3 Responses to “Bet on It”

  1. devinthedude says:

    Wow, normally I hardly disagree with you on point spread picks but this week we couldn’t be more different, I too feel fairly confident. Aside from my Best Bet (Chicago) I disagree with every game you feel most confident about, I like Jags, T.B., Tenn., and Pitt. The one I feel most confident of those four games is the Jags. They like to beat up on lesser teams and I think they will get it done at home in a big way. Byes make a big difference. Best of luck, the last two weeks we’ve only differed on 4 games (4-0), btw. Good luck. Hopefully this week will not turn out like the Jets/Dolphins debale last week since I’m loading up on Da Bears because winning is their forte. Go Cutler, I’ve been on his bandwagon since day 1! I also like a few over/ unders this week (Atl game under 41.5 and Pitt over 39.5), what do you think?

    P.S. Attn: JEWRU… Please read my response in last weeks comments.

  2. RotoScoop says:

    But the Jags played last week and KC is coming off a bye, so I don’t get your comment there.

    I stay away from O/U typically, but I’d prob. take the under in the Pitt/Den game.

    Good luck to you as well.

  3. devinthedude says:

    I was actually refering to Tampa Bay. In my attempt at brevity I was unclear and I apologize. I felt I needed at least some justification for backing the worst team in the league, and probably one of the worst against the spread. I realize the placement the statement at the end of my Jag rant further added to the confusion. Really? I believe the Steelers will pick up on flaws that the Ravens exposed in the defense of the Broncos. Furthermore, I believe the Broncos will try to open it up on offense to try and get Royal more involved.

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