The Scoop

By Dalton Del Don

Other than players who rack up steals, is there anyone with a bigger disconnect between real life value and fantasy value than Carlos Lee? Don’t get me wrong, he’s an asset to the Astros, but when you combine his poor defense with his career .840 OPS, his real life value falls well short of his status in the fantasy community. The guy has never had even a .370 OBP or a .550 slugging percentage in any season during his career.

Jack Cust is about the streakiest hitter in major league baseball, so hopefully his recent two-homer game is a sign of big things to come. And speaking of discrepancies, his .254 batting average and .426 on-base percentage is pretty remarkable. He’s produced one of the game’s three true outcomes in a ridiculous 53 percent of his plate appearances in 2008.

You know how everyone refers to the National League as the “minors” and so inferior to the AL? Well, an interesting thing is happening. The top-9 leaders in OPS this season all play in the Senior Circuit. Additionally, the Cubs lead all of baseball in runs scored.

Josh Hamilton is on pace to finish the season with 40 homers and 175 RBI. Only health can stop him from being a clear-cut first round pick in fantasy leagues next year. The Edinson Volquez for Hamilton trade has turned out to be an absolute blockbuster.

I don’t understand the apparent confusion among the media regarding Joba Chamberlain this season. The plan was crystal clear from the very beginning – pitch in relief the first two months, get stretched out and move into the starting rotation for the second half of the season. Obviously, he’s most valuable as a starter, and limiting him to 150-160 innings this season was the right way to go after throwing around 120 last year. That way, it won’t be such an extreme jump to 200-220 when he starts the season in that role in 2009. And I don’t care how poor the rest of New York’s bullpen is; they’ll have a much easier time trading for a setup man than a dominant starter.

If you haven’t seen the TV show “Strangers With Candy,” go rent the DVDs. There isn’t a more underrated comedy.

Anyone who just turned 22 years old last month can’t be expected to be an immediate star, but Billy Butler’s utter lack of power is a little disappointing. He’s shown improved plate discipline, but a .348 slugging percentage isn’t going to cut it. He now sports a .594 OPS during 119 career at-bats versus right-handers. Still, he’s going to be a good one. Eventually.

Pretty scary play when Albert Pujols’ liner hit Chris Young right on the beak Wednesday night, changing his jersey color to red in the process. If he’s not 6-10, the ball is in center field.

Anyone still holding out hope Joe Mauer starts developing more power hasn’t watched his approach at the plate this season. I’d be shocked if he hit more than 10 homers. Such a shame.

I don’t get why everyone views Willie Parker as a better fantasy property than Rashard Mendenhall in 2008. Parker averaged 4.1 YPC last year, doesn’t catch the ball and is coming off a fractured fibula. Mendenhall, meanwhile, is already both the superior blocker and option at the goal line. Parker may very well still see the majority of carries between the 20s, but Pittsburgh had more than 500 rushing attempts last year, so there’s plenty to go around. Mendenhall seems like a no-brainer to me.

Have you ever met anyone who was actually against instant replay in baseball? I certainly haven’t.

For Austin Kearns’ sake, let’s hope his elbow has been bothering him all season and has been a big contributor to his pathetic .267 slugging percentage. Hopefully, he can return in a month and resemble an average player, but I’m not holding my breath. The Nationals outfielders are batting a combined .200 with six homers on the year, putting them on pace to finish as the worst unit in the history of major league baseball.

It’s ironic that the two players who have played in the second most games this year are Bobby Crosby and Troy Glaus.

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  1. Steve Nolan says:

    Could the NL’s bevy of sluggers be due to the shittiness of their pitchers? Haven’t done any research to substantiate my claim, but maybe someone who’s a little less lazy than me has.

    And Billy Butler is doing his best Mark Teahen impression so far this season. Not exactly a good thing.

  2. Tyler Durden says:

    Top 5 Most Underrated (Flying/Flew Under The Radar) Sitcoms:

    1. The Larry Sanders Show
    2. Arrested Development
    3. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
    4. Strangers With Candy
    5. Sports Night

  3. Dreamweapon says:

    I have never seen this show, I might have to check it out (esp. since I love #1-3 on that list….never really saw Sports Night either).

    I personally would consider giving ‘Action’ with Jay Mohr and Illeana Douglas a nod, that actually cracked me up quite a bit. Buddy Hackett was pretty damn funny.

  4. jackjester says:

    OUCH! Didn’t you draft the entire Washington outfield in LABR?

    I still think Milledge will turn it around – not sure about the rest.

    You are dead on about FWP – too many miles on such a small RB

  5. RotoScoop says:

    Steve – I thought that same thing about the pitchers, but like you, too lazy to really dig substantially deep into it. That said, when the AL was dominating the offensive cats, no one brushed that off by saying they faced shitty pitchers. Still, I would say the Red Sox are the best team in baseball, but it is interesting that the hitters having by far the best seasons this year are all in the NL. That league can’t be completely disregarded.

  6. RotoScoop says:

    Tyler Durden – Totally agree with Arrested Development and Philadelphia, never saw Sports Night. As for “The Larry Sanders Show,” I had heard good things but gave up after 3 shows when I rented it. Admittedly, I didn’t dislike it, but wasn’t that intrigued either. So you think I gave up too soon? I’ve been half wanting to give it another shot. You think I def. should?

  7. RotoScoop says:

    Dreamweapon – Def. check out Strangers With Candy. I’d be surprised if you didn’t like it. Don’t rent the movie. Make sure you get the tv series.

  8. RotoScoop says:

    jackjester – Actually, I drafted Kearns and Wily Mo Pena but not Milledge – who I agree, is the only one who may be decent from here on out. And yet somehow, I’m currently in 2nd place in LABR. But losing Kearns is huge – in a 13-team NL-only league, few teams have rosters filled w/ full-time players and no one has anyone on their bench who gets decent PT. So that was a pretty big blow. Although I guess my BA will benefit.

  9. Lou Gossett III says:

    1. A.D.
    2. The State
    3. Dog Bites Man
    4. Strangers
    5. Upright Citizens Brigade

  10. Donald Trump says:

    Will def have to check out strangers w candy. never even heard of it.

    Josh Hamilton is the best person in the world right now. Him and Nate McLouth.

    So yeah, I guess Laffey was a decent pickup. Thanks to the kind sir who said so on these very pages.

    Jack Cust provided me a 1-24 early in the year. I just picked him back up a few days ago for a second shot. That probably means he is due for a slump. I can’t stop myself from buying high on him, and selling low, over and over.

  11. Robby says:

    Strangers is awesome. Arrested Development isn’t.

  12. RotoScoop says:

    Lou Gossett – I didn’t know there was a third! Anyway, I’m mad “Dog Bites Man” never came out on DVD (as far as I know), b/c I wanted to check that out. Zach Galafanakis is great.

  13. RotoScoop says:

    Donald – Tough to time the market in baseball, but ya, I imagine it’s near impossible to do so with Cust. Although maybe now you got him at the beginning of a hot streak.

  14. RotoScoop says:

    Robby – Have you (or anyone else) seen “Human Giant.” I heard that show is good – should I rent it?

  15. Tyler Durden says:

    Yeah, I think you might watch Larry now and feel you’ve seen it before, but it was WAAAY ahead of its time. People look at MASH now and think it’s so-so and that thinking is just crazy. I do think Larry is genius, but it’s all personal preference. Look at the guy that says A.D. is bunk. He’s nuts as I believe it was the funniest show on a consistent basis that I have seen in the last 10 years.

    Never heard of Human Giant.

  16. TheBestFantasyPlayer says:

    RotoScoop Says:

    May 22nd, 2008 at 11:17 pm
    Actually, I drafted Kearns and Wily Mo Pena

    LOLOLOLOL….nice picks…i guess your one of those clueless fantasy players that still think austin kearns is a big time player…..just start up the second half fantasy baseball league so I can squash that your lost…and in turn eliminate this site as a site that people actually come for intelligent fantasy baseball information

  17. Tyler Durden says:

    Hey MedicreFantasyPlayer,

    Please please please post your team. We need to see what your lineup includes.

    If you don’t know how to do that, just head to that Yahoo Public 6 Team League of yours and copy and past your whole team here.

    If you still don’t know how, ask your mom or dad to help you. Unless, of course, you use the internet without their permission. Then I guess you can’t go that route.

  18. RotoScoop says:

    Tyler Durden – Yeah I hear you about Larry Sanders. Like I said, more than a few people whose opinions I really respect liked it a lot.

  19. RotoScoop says:

    FantasyPlayer – Again, I’m in 2nd place in the most prolific fantasy baseball league out there (maybe Tout has actually passed it now, but it’s 2nd then), so quit talking shit behind the guise of a computer screen. I’m really tired of wasting my time replying to someone of your caliber. Just go read The Talented Mr. Roto instead.

  20. TheBestFantasyPlayer says:

    The megatalented Brewers are dead in the water for this year without another arm, stat. The Giants are dead in the water for the next 6-8 years without a fresh infusion of upside bats.

    These two clubs need to get together right now. LaPorta AND Gamel for Lincecum.

    Can you take to Sabean for us?

  21. TheBestFantasyPlayer says:

    err–hahaha, that was NOT the douche with the above name, was pranking a bit earlier, sorry for the confusion.

    And the guy with this handle is still gay.

  22. RotoScoop says:

    Sabean’s almost assuredly never heard of Matt LaPorta.

  23. TheBestFantasyPlayer Says says:

    Dalton Don Don Don Don …like I said anytime anyplace…start up a second half fantasy baseball league…im in…Tyler Durden…u should join also..if you have enough money of course…you seem very defensive..thats the sign of insecurity…i keep saying start up a second half league … or just let me know your supposed great league and ill make sure im in it next year…dont be scared

  24. Tyler Durden says:

    LOL. My friend you sound very vague in your player assessment and team divulgence. You obviously draft every great player and make no mistakes with less-than-all-star players. Or maybe like Dalton said, you just hide behind the big safe internet. You make me laugh and like i said in previous post, I eat know-it-alls like you for breakfast and enjoy spending your entry fees (donations) come playoff time.

    Bring it on. Bring it on.

  25. RotoScoop says:

    Here’s the supposed great league:

    I’d love to see you join next year.

  26. TheBestFantasyPlayer Says says:

    RotoScoop Says:

    May 24th, 2008 at 12:02 am
    Here’s the supposed great league:

    I’d love to see you join next year.

    LOL..are you joking me with that? some nonsense league with a bunch of media types that know nothing about fantasy baseball besides what they hear on ESPN…please…I actually thought your league was filled with some good competition…buddy i would squash you and Durden… ive won national fantasy contests…not some below average league with people who write about sports and claim they know about fantasy baseball….Id be happy to join that league next year…let me know how I can get in…you and the others would have no chance against me….and if you wanna start up a second half league I am in…and come football season dont chicken out…I am in…..


  27. Tyler Durden says:

    “ive won national fantasy contests”

    What does this mean? Let’s see names, leagues, links, or just please go away and take your delusion with you.

    You are only embarrassing yourself my friend.

  28. Dreamweapon says:

    Back in undergrad when I ran a notorious Quake server, this was the type of guy whose entire IP domain I would eventually ban. Short of that, an often misunderstood fact about trolls is that they die without attention. It’s like oxygen to them, deprive them of it and the problem self resolves.

  29. The Jewru says:

    To come to a website and disagree with the writer of a blog, I am sure is appreciated at times and welcomed but to come here and be an annoying douchebag is the type of action that would result in a few missing teeth in my neck of the woods.

  30. TheBestFantasyPlayer Says says:


    start the league tough guy…i got three idiots opening their mouths…your so tough…except im the only one ready to start a second half league against all of you…yet you dont seem interested…dont open your mouths unless your ready to back it up….constantly saying im annoying doesnt impress me….i seem the only one ready to back up the talk…typical chumps….dalton dum don sends me some dumb link…the only league in which he is probbaly in the top 5…with a bunch of clueless writers who dont even pay attention to their…

    when you want to be serious and start a second half league ill be happy to squash all three of you….but it seems I have three chumps..all talk

  31. TheBestFantasyPlayer Says says:

    thats me in 5th overall in the nation…maybe one day you guys wanna step up to this type of league — Guess Who??

    In 2006 I came in 3rd overall in the nation in the one in atlantic city

    I havent wont 1st overall in the nation…but won the individual leagues to compete for the national prize

    of course i have dominated mhs sports, boxscore baseball, mr,

    where exactly do you guys play??? im curious…a bunch of chumps with big mouth…tyler dumb durden…guy probbaly has never played in a fantasy baseball league before….your a nobody

  32. Tyler Durden says:

    I might add the British version of The Office to the list of under-appreciated shows.

    US version is great, but that one never got the credit it deserved.

  33. TheBestFantasyPlayer says:

    …not to mention, I also particpated in the world’s largest gay gangbang, as 4,815,162,342 well-endowed African men pummelled my loose caboose in front of a live studio audience. It was great.

  34. Tyler Durden says:

    Oh, and if we are talking quirky stuff, Mr Show and Wonder Showzen are brilliant.

    Good stuff!

  35. Tyler Durden says:


    I might agree about the Volquez for Hamilton trade, however Texas is the LAST franchise that should be dealing SP.

    Hamilton is great, but I do feel Volquez could be helping them more.

  36. Uncle Ruckus (no relation) says:

    Don’t forget the Boondocks!!!

    Right behind South Park on the animated list.

    1. South Park
    2. The Boondocks
    3. Family Guy
    4. Aqua Teen
    5. The Simpson (lifetime achievement/pity)

  37. Tyler Durden says:

    Uncle Ruckus,

    You ever watch Home Movies? I was a big fan of adult swim on the Cartoon Network and that show always killed me.

  38. Uncle Ruckus (no relation) says:

    Home Movies ain’t bad, niether is Dethklock

  39. RotoScoop says:

    Tyler Durden – Huge fan of the British “Office.” Liked it even more than the American version. I have heard Wondershowzen is very good – but never checked it out.

  40. RotoScoop says:

    And I hear ya regarding Texas trading pitching – I wonder if Volquez would be experiencing similar success if he stayed in the AL.

  41. Tyler Durden says:

    Good to hear you say that about British Office. I know many that will not give it a chance. You are a fan of EXTRAS then I take it? Good stuff.

    Wonder Showzen is Sesame Street on crack. Mr Show was the best skit show I have ever seen & skit show does not do it justice.

    Way Volquez is pitching, I don’t think leagues matters.

  42. RotoScoop says:

    Big fan of “Extras.” Gervais is the man.

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