Take Your Pick

Current season stats notwithstanding, whom would you rather have from this point forward?

Josh Hamilton or Alfonso Soriano?

6 Responses to “Take Your Pick”

  1. Dreamweapon says:

    Hamilton. I like my elevators going up rather than down. The Rangers lineup is better than commonly believed, and could even get a little bump with Blalock returning. I think they can protect him.

    Also, I just like the story from a human interest angle and will use that as a factor if close. Fonzi is going to get more SBs, fine, but he’ll be 50 RBIs off The Natural’s pace. That’s pretty proximate.

  2. Russ says:

    this is by far the easiest one. alfonso’s body is tissue paper. give me hamilton in a second.

  3. The Jewru says:

    Hamilton has a 90% Contact rate!! Waits till it heats up in Texas. Josh for sure. I hate Soriano.

  4. Steve Nolan says:

    I’m still leanin’ towards Soriano. Hamilton seems to have a big edge in RBIs and a slight edge in AVG, but I could easily see Soriano leading him in runs, HR and SB. Might just depend on need who ya take.

  5. Tyler Durden says:


  6. RotoScoop says:

    Steve – That’s a good point with these two – specific team need may decide it. For me tho, I’ll go with Hamilton as well.

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