Take Your Pick

Current season stats notwithstanding, whom would you rather have from this point forward?

Brandon Webb or Johan Santana?

5 Responses to “Take Your Pick”

  1. Russ says:

    sooo glad the twins traded johan. i loves me some webb.

  2. The Jewru says:

    Brandon Webb is DA MAN!!!

  3. Tyler Durden says:


  4. RotoScoop says:

    Coming off a poor September, Johan’s trends are going the wrong way. The switch to the NL hasn’t helped nearly as much as anticipated. Still, he’s almost always much better after the All-Star break, but he has lost a bit on his fastball, which wasn’t that great to begin with.

  5. Keith says:

    Johan always starts slow, he’ll be money in the 2nd half. Of course, that maybe because I have him in my money league, but I still believe…and Webb got lit today.

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