Take Your Pick

Current season stats notwithstanding, whom would you rather have from this point forward?

Coors Light or Bud Light?

9 Responses to “Take Your Pick”

  1. Dreamweapon says:

    I hear that, in survival situations, you CAN actually drink your own urine…..could we add that as a third option?

  2. Todd says:

    Give me the Banquet (light) beer.

  3. The Jewru says:

    Bud anyday. Water is better than piss water. Yet it is a miracle that when refriderated in the same refrigerator Coors Light gets colder than any other beer. You know your product sucks when the best thing you can say about it is it is the coldest beer.

  4. Tyler Durden says:

    Bud Light — but the choices here are bunk

  5. Louis says:

    Bud Light- It’s the #1 selling beer in the U.S. for a reason, and the lighter version of the #1 selling beer in the world! There is no question on this one. Coors Light tastes like a cup of water with a splash of beer, it doesnt taste BAD but I happen to enjoy a nice glass of water every now and then so I may be biased.

  6. RotoScoop says:

    I agree this is pick your poison – I like pale ales the best. Still, a little surprised Bud won this one.

  7. Keith says:

    Bud Lite is superior…much better for Beer Pong as well.

  8. Ron says:

    Coors Light, I’m from a hicktown though.

  9. Joey Shins says:

    I’ll take death by dehydration. If you have a preference, you should turn in your testicles and skip on home, Nancy.

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