Take Your Pick

Current season stats notwithstanding, whom would you rather have from this point forward?

David Wright or Albert Pujols?

4 Responses to “Take Your Pick”

  1. Dreamweapon says:

    Wright. Harder position to staff, way more SBs. The Mets as a team have underperformed and his counting stats can only be expected to rise. The Cards are playing over their heads and Pujols could see a small drop when they normalize. And if they fall out of the race completely, well, there’s always the chance he’ll head into the shop for some work on that elbow.

  2. The Jewru says:

    I have to disagree with Weapon and I am a diehard Mets fan. Pujols is godly. Wright is just great. I think the news of Pujols injury was greatly exaggerated.

  3. Tyler Durden says:


  4. TheBestFantasyPlayer Says says:


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