Take a look at this week’s Barometer. I wrote it yesterday morning, so some of the more recent injury situations weren’t covered. I’m higher on Roddy White than most – he’s a must-add in my book.

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  1. Keith says:

    Nobody is a “must ad” when being thrown the football by Joey the Duck Harrington, but I guess Roddy warrants some attention. I grabbed Watson and Stecker, who don’t exactly thrill me, especially since I had to drop Wynn and Leon Washington to get them, but I need guys that I might be able to play in the next couple weeks.

    With Romo and Vince Young in tow, I think it’s time to see if I can move Vince for a buy-low type RB. Any recommendations?

  2. RotoScoop says:

    Ya that’s a good idea to shop one of those QBs. But Young is going to be even more valuable in a few weeks, I’d imagine. Could you get Portis for him? Marion Barber? I’m racking my brain, and there’s either backs I wouldn’t trade Young for, or some elite guys who have disappointed whose owners probably wouldn’t trade away yet – S-Jax, R. Johnson, Bush…It’d take a leap of faith, but I still believe in MJD.

    As for Roddy White, I hear ya, Joey Harrington sucks. But I think that’s a common misconception that an elite WR can’t play with a poor QB. It hurts, no doubt, but Petrino’s passing attack is typically very productive, and White is entering the magical third year and was a former first round draft choice. He’s getting targeted like a true No. 1 as well, and I’ve read some pretty good puff pieces regarding his newfound work ethic, etc. I’m actually pretty high on him – I absolutely blew my FAAB load on him in my main league.

  3. At what point is chris henry worth picking up. he’s out thru week 8 right? i just don’t want to miss out on him, he could put up some serious points, especially if something happened to johnson or TJ.

  4. RotoScoop says:

    Just depends on how deep your league is. I actually think he’s worth holding on to right now, if you can afford the roster spot. He’s such a good red zone target – and that defense is awful. Like you said, if one of the top-2 guys goes down, Henry has top-15 WR potential. Even if they don’t, he’s top-30ish. He’s prone to goose eggs being the third option and all, but there’s real solid TD upside. He needs to stay out of jail, however.

  5. Kritter77 says:

    I’m gonna believe u on White, I need a WR bad with Andre and Calvin Johnson nursing their wounds, so I hope u are right. In DDD I trust!!!

  6. RotoScoop says:

    Now, I hope he comes through – for both of our sakes.

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