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  • The Tigers had a three-year record that was the worst in the game and now have a midseason record that’s the best in the game.
  • As much as I like the Oakland A’s squad, the Angels cannot be counted out at this point. Name a better rotation than Jered Weaver, Santana, Colon, Escobar and Lackey. Not to mention their bullpen and even more talent just waiting for their chance in the minors. Speaking of, if you have roster room, go ahead and stash Howie Kendrick, you’ll thank me later.
  • It’s pretty ridiculous that a team featuring Mark Prior, Kerry Wood, Carlos Zambrano and last year’s deserving MVP-winner has the third worst record in baseball at the break. The Cubs figured they could be the next team after the 2004 Red Sox and 2005 White Sox to break a curse. They figured they could stay healthy, too.
  • One of the biggest story lines in the second half has to be whether Joe Mauer can flirt with a .400 average or not. Hopefully he at least keeps it close for a while.
  • With all the grumbling over All-Star snubs, including me, one forgotten name is Jim Leyland. It’s safe to say he’s done a better job managing than Eric Wedge has this year.
  • Even though they haven’t won since 1996, maybe there’s hope for the NL All-Star team this year, as they are a career 4-0 in All-Star games played in Pittsburgh.
  • A’s GM Billy Beane recently banned beer from the Oakland clubhouse, home and away. For home games, the visitors clubhouse will be dry as well. This was a reaction in part to Esteban Loaiza’s recent DUI but also something Beane said he should have done years ago.
  • A GQ Magazine article reports that NBA groupies target bad boys like Allen Iverson and Rasheed Wallace, with GQ writer Lisa DePaulo proclaiming that this “isn’t just kinky, it’s smart business.” Of course.
  • With the recent talk of baseball betting here at RotoScoop, I thought it’d be interesting to take a look at tonight’s opportunity – the home run derby. First off, let’s take a quick glance at PNC Park. The power alley in left, which reaches 410 feet at its deepest, and the 21-foot wall in right can be a challenge for tonight’s hitters. However, there is a short porch in right, seemingly benefiting left-handed hitters. David Ortiz could do some damage with the 320-foot line down right field. But at’s modest +270 line, and Big Papi’s past poor derby stamina, there might be a better bet out there.
  • Remember, there is a six-foot wall in left, so a right-handed batter winning this competition isn’t completely out of the question. I’m thinking Troy Glaus for a couple reasons. Mainly, this bet is difficult and pretty much a crapshoot, but Glaus is for some reason the least favored of all the participants. He has been bothered by some leg injuries and has only two home runs in his last 17 games. Still, one of them came Sunday, and the guy has one of the best power strokes in the game. Don’t go crazy or anything, as this type of bet is obviously not a very safe one, but Glaus is listed at a lucrative +1000. With only one returning bomber from last year and a field that is very open, go Glaus and at the very least, the derby will become even more watchable.

10 Responses to “News & Notes”

  1. Greg says:

    I actually was thinking about throwing a little something down on the derby tonight, so good call with that. I wouldnt say Glaus is any less likely than the others, so with those huge odds, Im thinking him also.

  2. Tommy says:

    At least Liriano was finally added as a replacement.

  3. RotoScoop says: has Ortiz at +535 and Glaus all the way up to +1116.

  4. T. says:

    THe Cubs are officially cursed. Even Prior admits it’s all on the Billy GOat at this point. And Wood probably won’t even be back next year. Dusty Baker is gone as well.

  5. RotoScoop says:

    Umm, sorry about that Glaus pick. Ouch.

  6. Chad says:

    Speaking of All-Star bets, now, i think the smart money is on Ortiz. depending on where you look he’s about +800 to win the MVP of the allstar game. Ortiz has been on an absolute tear in the past couple weeks. You think Manny gives Ortiz protection in a line up? For the all star game he’ll be followed by A-Rod, Vlad then Pudge. A pitcher cannot win in this situation. I predict 2+ extra base hits 4+ rbis…

    The other favorite at +800 for MVP would be pujols, but i doubt they’ll pitch to him much. THey’d much rather see Jason bay followed by rentaria.

    This strategy falls to complete shit if MVP goes to a pitcher, which could only happen in an outstanding outing. And due to the fact that the starters are Rogers and Penny, I don’t expect either of them to get much love.

    I guess ortiz isn’t a sure thing, but i stick by the 2+extrabase hits and the 4+rbis… he just has the best spot in the line up out of both teams… he’ll have ichiro and jeter on base in front of him, and arod vlad and pudge behind him

    i pray i dont have to eat my words.

  7. RotoScoop says:

    I agree Chad, Ortiz is in position to be the favorite for MVP tonight. I’m thinking it will be a hitter over a pitcher and most likely from the AL squad. So that at least narrows it down. I also want to recommend taking the moneyline for the AL, but Kenny Rogers starting makes me pause just a tad. Still, I say it’s the AL winning yet again.

  8. Chad says:


  9. randy says:

    iam thinking of trading dan haren and or daniel cabrera in my keeper league for jason schmidt and or kazmir, iam in first place and want to make a big run and getting a bad feeling for both of these pitchers———what you think———-thanks

  10. RotoScoop says:

    If you are playing for this year, I definitely say unload Cabrera. It looks like his learning control process is going to take awhile. While I really like Haren, Kazmir has the bigger upside. As for Schmidt, he has the most value for this year alone of all of them. Just realize that a trade this year is possible (although I say unlikely), and it is likely he’ll be on a new team next year. Still, I say do it – it helps you this year, and Kazmir’s future may very well be the brightest of all as well.

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